Description of Classes MYC Currently Offers

Yoga practitioners of all skill level can find a class that allows them to hone their yoga mastery. Whether you are looking for an athletic experience, or a meditative slow moving class – a style of yoga exists to meet your needs.


This aerobic form of yoga incorporates props such as fabric ropes which allow you to spin and flip your body. You will work through some of the 700 possible poses, lifting your body off the ground in a variety of ways.


Bikram yoga is also called “hot yoga.” The room will be heated to a temperature in excess of 95 degrees Fahrenheit, which allows you to gain greater focus and enjoy a healthy sweat. Bikram classes generally last for 90 minutes.


The goal of an integral yoga class is to help you achieve your “natural” state. To that end, these classes integrate components that include meditation, chanting, and encouragement of self-discipline and reflection. Integral yoga focuses on the physical, intellectual, and spiritual sides of the individual.


Kripalu focuses on compassionate self-acceptance, following life force energy, and taking what you learn into your life outside of the yoga studio. Kripalu has been called the “yoga for everyone” as it is highly adaptable to all types of students.


Kundalini taps the energy at the base of your spine and draws it up to awaken each of the seven chakras. You have achieved full enlightenment when the energy reaches to top of your head. This yoga style uses breathing exercises and meditation, as well as chanting.


Meditation is the practice of quieting one’s mind. Often incorporated into the beginning or closing of any yoga class, meditation goes hand in hand with the physical aspects of yoga mastery.


Prenatal yoga can help relieve some of the aches and pains associated with pregnancy. Specifically, the poses can reduce lower back pain and help keep swelling under control in some cases.


Sivananda yoga distills the wisdom of yoga into five key principles: proper exercise, proper breathing, relaxation, diet, and positive thinking/meditation.


Vinyasa yoga is also called flow yoga, and it’s geared towards athletic yogis. You will flow from one posture to another, with a focus on breathing in addition to physical strength.


Yin yoga is considered a quiet practice. Each pose is held for several minutes, and yogis are encouraged to move slowly. The aim of this type of yoga is ultimate relaxation and stillness of mind.