Ayurveda Herbs and Products

Clicking above will take you to the Banyan Botanicals website which is a place for you to easily purchase the products we use and sell here, if coming to the store is too much trouble or we do not have what you need or are looking for in stock. Once you’re on their site you will be able to learn a bit more about Ayurveda as well as see virtually every product you can utilize to enhance your mind and body in the Ayurvedic way. Remember to always consult your Ayurveda practitioner to get the facts on the products and if they are right for you. Ayurveda Consultations are about 1.5 hours for the first visit and follow up visits are usually a half hour. Remember! Once you start on the path to changing your diet and lifestyle you can be a client for a long time as you continue changing your diet and lifestyle as the seasons change and your life changes.

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